Stitchy Lady Pillow

This pattern is from Stacey Martin tattoos. She usually is just a tattoo artist but during the virus she put together a series of patterns to help with her income. I decided to stitch her up on a pillow.


Gorgeous stitchwork. I love the retro vibe of this pattern.

I love how the hoop is integrated into the design! Another winning stitch by YOU!

This is SO you!!! Great stitching, as usual…

Beautiful and I love the idea of stitching up tattoo designs!! Love seeing how creative people have gotten with their businesses during this time.

Love the fact that she’s emerging from the hoop, like the butterfly emerges from its cocoon. :heart:

What a cool pattern! I love the butterfly sitting on the needle.

What a good idea of hers and you, too, for bringing this lady to life in embroidery.

Gorgeous work. I want it!