Strawberry Shortcake and Friends! Halloween Costume Entry 2023

I love family costumes, and yours are so adorable! Every detail is just perfect.

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I adore your family costume theme! Your little one is a super cute Strawberry Shortcake :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

When I lived on an air force base near Fairbanks, AK as a kid, I remember Halloween always being kind of silly. We’d dress up, but it’s not like you could see our costumes under our snow bibs and coats. One Halloween it was -30F. I went to 12 houses (a U shaped court with 3 four-plexes) and they basically dumped their bowls into kids bags as they came around. Afterward, it was time for hot cocoa and trying to feel my nose again. I can’t remember what I dressed as that year, I just remember it being insanely cold. lol


You really committed to this theme and it shows! What a great little family! The pie is the perfect touch, but really, all of the details you put into the whole outfits really shows. I love it!

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I love, love, love the family costumes! Your little Strawberry Shortcake is the cutest.

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I am humbled by your epic family Halloween costumes - they are all so perfect!

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This makes me so happy! You nailed all the awesome details.
Tell me…. When Strawberry blew you a kiss did it smell like strawberries?! lol. (My favorite part of owning the doll as a kid. :smiling_face:)