Streamers and Cricut Flowers Photo Backdrop

Made this for an event at our kids’ school. They were using a tropical islands theme and the only criteria they gave me was, “Something fun and pretty for photos!” :smile:

I wish I could say how many rolls of streamers I used, but I definitely lost count. There were bits and pieces of streamers ALL over our house. :laughing:

Started with a mesh vegetable trellis kind of like this one. Mine was smaller, but I still had to trim it down to fit my backdrop stand. I attached it to the stand with zip ties.

Then I took bundles of streamers, folded them over each string in the mesh gride, and just stapled them to themselves along the top of each little bundle/section.

The flowers were a mix of patterns I hand cut and some I used from Cricut Access. They were HUGE! So fun to make. I got the leaves at Hobby Lobby.

Transporting it to the school was especially fun. I sped a bit in hopes I would get pulled over, but no such luck.

All setup and ready for the event.

In action with some friends!

And Jill Kimmel. Fun fact, Jill Kimmel is Jimmy Kimmel’s sister. She was the entertainer for the evening. :microphone:

I gifted the big flowers to teachers at the school after the event. I love randomly seeing them in classrooms around campus now. :two_hearts:


How pretty and fun! Looks like everyone enjoyed it.

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Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You definitely go big…wow…they are spectacular and unlike anything I have seen…I bet the entire thing was beautiful as the streamers danced in the breeze…

Lucky teachers who got those flowers…a conversation starter that begins with a smile of joy when a person sees them!


You totally delivered on "something fun and pretty for photos!” and it definitely.screams tropical islands!

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Another knock out of the park! So inspiring. I have to do one of these for 5th grade moving up in June…

You could totally ship one of these to Jersey, right? :wink:

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Looks spectacular! I also laughed at the suspicious looking transport. :laughing:

Fun! Those flowers are so pretty!

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Wow, that is amazing! I love this idea and I’m totally inspired now! I could see a family project to set it up and then having it for a fun holiday family get together!

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This is ridiculously gorgeous!


OMG! This is soooo pretty and sooo fun! The photos look great, too!

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Thank you, friends!! :hibiscus: