Striped Musselburgh Hat

It took a few months, but I finally finished the last of the Musselburgh hats for my little family. Everybody got one in red/blue/+. It’s still cold as ever where we are, so DH might be able to use it this season if I can get it washed quickly enough.

I used a hand dyed sock yarn from Nanette Wake Studio paired with Hobbii Unicorn sock yarn in black.


This is so my style. I don’t care for the solid store bought ones. I’m sure he/she/they are pleased too.

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Thanks! I love how the stripes turned out and my DH really likes it, too. (I forgot to say who it was for! OP has been edited to clarify.)

They look so cozy and awesome!

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Thanks! It’s reversible!

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Very cool! Not matchy-matchy, but match……um…. adjacent? :rofl:


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Thanks! Everybody got the style they asked for within the theme. There’s a decent amount of leftover yarn, so I’m considering making socks.

You make them so the whole family coordinates? Extra cute!

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