STS (Shop the Swap) 2023 Fall Market Discussion

Image by Agata from Pixabay with alterations

Welcome to the STS (Shop the Swap) 2023 Fall Market Discussion
@irid3sc3nt will be hosting this round with @gozer as moderator
Big thanks to @bluebird for hosting last year!

This swap will be USA only. I apologize to the international LC swappers. If you would like to organize your own, please do! You can contact @gozer for a spreadsheet to keep track of points. You can always ask for a personal swap as well.

This year the STS will be a little shorter.


Signups will run 9/1 (Fri) through 9/15 (Fri)

Set up your shop no later than 9/17 (Sun)
Claims accepted from when you’ve set up your shop through 11/12 (Sun)

Last call (over/under) is 11/10-11/17 (Mon - Fri)

I started the discussion early so people can think about what they want to craft this summer while laying on the beach. :sunglasses:

Shops start with at least FIVE (5) finished, handcrafted items for the other swappers to choose from. THREE (3) of these finished, handcrafted items must be new items to this round and not have been offered before in a prior round of the STS.
The scale is from 1-5 points for each.

Here is a link to the discussion from 2022.
And if you want to read about the previous year’s swap, here ya go!

I can post a list of possible items if you like:
Halloween ephemera (paper, buttons, ribbon, etc)
Christmas gifts
knit/crochet hats and scarves
art journals
crochet/knot slipper socks
mug rugs
kitchen towels
holiday guy-themed items
pendant necklaces
weird or unusual earrings
stocking stuffers
spoon rests
teesha patches
throw pillows and/or covers
Christmas ornaments
address labels
tarot related crafts/decor
dog-related stuff like bandannas, collars, cold weather fleece jackets)
personal spa items like lotions, lip balms, scented wax melts, bath bombs, soaps, etc.
Halloween and Christmas decor
homemade yummies
kitty placemat possibly themed for holidays, non-slip (ask gozer)
friendship bracelets
scrubbies made out of scrubbie yarn (see pic far below)
cat toy strawberries (see pattern far below)
bags for projects
goddess/elemental/“witchy” items
small square bottomed bag (ask susieoregon)
neon legwarmers (ask irid3sc3nt)
fingerless mittens
little embroidered patches
crocheted hanging snowflakes


I am excited for this! I already have some notebooks made, and I plan to make some more. If anyone has a subject matter they would like made, let me know. It’s commitment-free.
I am working on something else as we speak, but I haven’t posted it yet.

And THANK YOU to @irid3sc3nt for hosting the next round. @bluebird did an amazing job last round.


Oh, heeeeeey. This seems like the kind of swap discussion where interested parties might be eligible for the Peek Behind The Curtain Challenge! It’s all about making topics for the projects you’ve made between January 2020 and April 2 2023, but haven’t shared in their own post!

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I like Halloween ephemera for doing my chunky houses such as papers, stickers, ribbon, cabochons, stuff like that.
Fun envelopes for sending ATCs.


I will be looking for Christmas gifts, i love knit/crochet hats and scarves, and basically anything cat related. Ha!


I’ve got my wheels turning already! Now that i know what to expect, I’m hoping to have some new and improved items this go round!:blush:

I’d be interested @gozer (or anyone for that matter) in art journals.

Maybe some more crocheted or knitted slipper socks?
Speaking of crocheted, I’m hoping to get back into that.

Oooh, good idea @irid3sc3nt! I think I’ll be keeping the grab “bag” envelopes in mind to put up for grabs! I reallllly need to de-stash some crafty things. My interests are changing so instead of holding onto things this would be a great idea for that!

Speaking of cats! @gozer @irid3sc3nt , You two (and a few others) have me now on the look out for cute kitty stuff! lol :astonished: I just had a fantastical idea for this STS! I’ll share later once I figure it out! :thinking:

Thank you @irid3sc3nt and @gozer for holding this again! :grin:


Yep, me too or at least I did some of that last year. It’s one of those “I’ll know it when I see it” kind of things.


OOh! I’m so excited for this one. I’ll have some monster mouth keychain holders, scrappy sewn journal covers and other miscellaneous items that I can think of making. :slight_smile: I need to start a list of items to get started on too.


My monster pouches with the zipper mouths will be up for sale!


I was thinking that same thing- about getting a list started. It definitely would help me keep organized in what I’m going to do!

I should have some mini cross-stitch stuff, probably pendants and just little mini pictures. I have a few other ideas which i need to get down before i forget! lol

@gozer those are adorable!! I would definitely be up for one (or two lol) of those! You’re so talented!


I may consider this just to find homes for all the things in my “gift” box…


You totally should join. It’s a fun swap!


Asking for a friend… :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
What kinds of general themes would be good for ATCs?
Separately, I’m thinking about breaking out the uv resin again.


Well, I keep making ceramics (now including porcelain!) so I’ll definitely be able to list some of that. Possibly also silly UV resin bits.


Yay silly resin! And ooo porcelain!

I’ll probably make some stamps again. Maybe some general ones for envelopes like “Do not bend”, etc.

I can get more serious after this month is over. For my fortieth birthday at the end of this month I’m placing four geocaches, so I’ve been working on getting those ready: scouting location, readying containers, acquiring swag, etc.


I am 100% in again. I’ll definitely have more fabric scrappy things and purses, for sure. I already have one crocheted baby/lap size blanket in the box and another in progress. I should see if I have the supplies to do more memory wire suncatchers, too.


Yes! I liked those, they got snapped up fast!

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thanks for agreeing to host!

and the cacheing (sp?) for your 40th sounds like a cool idea!


ATC themes? Random ideas from me, cats or funny craft quotes.

Things I always love - mug rugs, scarves, hats, I need a car trash container, kitchen towels, cute amigurumi, notecards, anything I can give away as a Christmas present.
Oh! I work with all guys. Anything I could give away as holiday gifts to them.