Stuck on the Sofa? Make Xmas Cards in March!

While playing around with some new & underused dies & stamps, I got an idea for some holiday cards. So I dug out the xmas printed cardstock stash and some greens and put together a dozen cards.

Here’s a “tour” of one.


I put the stamp to the side so the family could sign it.

I used a variety of printed papers for the envelopes and the same stamps with either black or white ink. Then a few different green papers with two different tree shapes.



I haven’t decided how I will seal them, but probably something small and decorative just at the point. And they’ll go into a “real” envelope of some sort.


These are really cool on their own, but the little tree is a great touch.

Very cool, with the window! Hope you’re off the couch soon!

Those little trees are so cool. The cards are really fun, but the trees…. Perfect card insert.

Cool stamps, and the cards are so much fun!

Thanks everyone!

Ooh, I like the star as an anchor to keep the tree bits together.

Oh I love the little trees!!! Ingenious.

Thanks, friends!

Thank you! The trees stay together without the star, though, so they could also be just regular ol’ trees for more projects!

I have some wood ones with that design that stay together just fine unless you pick them up wrong, so a little extra tension between pieces seems like it would help. (but yes, regular trees are good too)

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Did you make the trees too? They are such a cool addition! Love that idea. I am going to have to show my Mom. She does a lot of card making (making, not sending, Ha!).

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Thanks! And yes, I made the trees, too. Each tree piece is 6 layers of cardstock. The star is two layers.

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Was it a die-cut? If so, can you tell me which one? I’d love to get it for my mom.

Well, a die-cut is anything cut with a die. Dies come in different forms generally, but also for home/craft die cutting machines specifically. My machine is the Sizzix Big Shot. Sizzix makes other models and other companies make cutting machines. In my project the envelope, the window in the envelope, the insert card, and the trees and star are all cut with dies.

For the trees, I accidentally bought a knock-off die through AliExpress, not really understanding how that site works. So I thought I was buying a steel rule die which can cut heavier material such as chipboard - which the slot is obviously designed for. But what I got was something like a “Thinlit” die which can cut heavy cardstock, so I had to laminate layers of cardstock to get the trees to work. This is the one I thought I was getting.