Studio Ghibli burp cloths

I made a set of burb cloths. One side is minky and the other cotton. My first time sewing minky. It was an interesting experience!


Love the black blob fabric. I’ve only sewn with minky once and found it a pain.

definitely a pain. I have some left. I will probably just give it to the cats to sleep on so I don’t have to mess with it any more! :laughing:

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Love the dragon fabric!
I usually avoid all kinds of furry material.

UHM - WHERE DID YOU GET THE GHIBLI FABRIC?!!?!? I :heartbeat: :heartpulse: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts: IT

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but of course!!! that’s fabulous!!!

great job! i know the minky is a pain, but it turned out SO cute.

Great job…so cute.

I hate minky sewing too. My DIL made a quilt and sent it to me to quilt after she failed withe Minky backing. I did not even try but sent itto a quilt shop to quilt. Turned out beautiful. Next time I might just hand tie.

I’ve heard that minky can be a pain to sew, but I’d never know it looking at the finished product. You crushed this!

So, so sweet.

I love your fabrics. I made a couple burp cloths recently, the pattern I used suggested snuggle cotton, which is super easy to work with.

I’ve not heard of snuggle cotton before. I’ll have to look into that!

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I love that dragon fabric, gg!!

Is the really soft, thin flannel. Joann’s calls it snuggle fannel cotton, at least. Lots of cute baby pattens.

Congrats! Your Studio Ghibli Burp Cloths are a featured project for this week!

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