Stumped by this cutting die

I got a die-cut machine (well, I’m getting, it’s still in the mail vortex :expressionless:) for Christmas and I’ve been pulling together a few of the dies I had collected beforehand and I’m stumped by this one.

Are you supposed to cut apart the individual faces with wire cutters or something? When I bought it I was thinking that it was meant to be separated in some way so you could die cut each face individually.

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Those look like emoji to me. It could be helpful to have an entire pile to choose expressions from. Or you could just put paper under the one you want at that moment.
Or bend them and see if they snap apart?

Yes, you cut them apart. Be careful they can spring away, I lost a face this way😅
Then find somewhere them. I like to store by set, but some are too big for that.
You can then tape the face to cut out of a shape or just use back and glue the pieces onto your shape
Hope this helps. I’ve really gotten into this as well this year and am in love with lawn fawn.

lol I recognized them as emojis! I see my favorite…three up from the bottom right! :laughing: