Stumpwork luna moth (photo heavy!)

Wow!! Absolutely beautiful!!

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I am in love with this!

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It turned out beautifully! You did a great job! You mentioned the wings as earrings but the back was messy. I think you could add fake leather to the back to fix that. :purple_heart:

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This is incredible!

I cannot believe it is only your second embroidery piece. I’m excited to see more of your projects in the future.

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I am blown away by how gorgeous this is AND then you say it’s only your second embroidery piece?!?! Goodness!! :star_struck: :cherry_blossom: Thank you for sharing all the amazing in-progress pictures and breaking down your process. It was lovely to follow, and I hope to try my hand at something similar soon. Your clear descriptions made it feel more accessible. I love the chunky stitches; it really does bring to mind a moths wing with all its scales and textures and color variations. Awesome!


This is amazing. Absolutely beautiful. Ive never heard of stumpwork before.