Stumpwork luna moth (photo heavy!)

I made this iron-on patch for @Rlynn in the small box of color swap. It’s my 2nd embroidery piece ever, so of course I said go big or go home and went with stumpwork. I had a book I got from a vintage shop that showed how to make separate pieces like wings and attach them. I chose a clip art picture to loosely base mine off, and just filled in with greens and shades of teal. I took liberties with the coloring of luna moths, yes. The theme was teal. I think it works just fine :grin:

It even met a friend!

Some progress pictures:
After tracing my pattern and ironing it onto the fabric, my first step was couching the wire. The left wing shows how I shaped it into place with tiny stitches, and the right one shows it all covered.

Then I did the dividing lines in back stitch, and did the spots. There’s metallic thread in the spots. I don’t like working with metallic thread! I filled in between the lines with the technique called “long and short stitches,” but mine are more like “short and shorter stitches.” I tried to fade the colors into each other.

Then my son asked me to go fishing, and if your teenage son asks to hang out with you, consider it a privilege! He found me a flat spot for my chair and we spent a couple hours at the pond.

One wing done

Apparently I didn’t take any photos between the first and second wings being done.

Starting the body

A rare pic of me taken by my youngest.

Body progress

Body finished up to the connecting point

I trimmed all the threads and glued the heck out of the back of the wings with trusty old Aileen’s

Then I cut them out. I kind of love how a single wing looks. This could be awesome earrings, except for how ugly the back is.

I stabbed the wires into the body

I cut a tiny circle of felt to add depth to the main body.

Embroidered over that with satin stitch and then connected the maroon edges over top.

Aileen’s again. I tried to cover the wires with some of the thread ends to really lock them in.

I didn’t photograph this step but this is where I ironed on the backing.
Then I cut the base part out.

Here’s what the backing looks like.

So only that base part has the iron-on film. When it’s attached somewhere, the wings will be able to lift a bit off the surface.

After finishing this, I invested in a better pair of tiny scissors. I was snipping more of the white fabric off edges every time I looked at the thing. It’s tricky because you want to cut as close to the threads as possible without cutting any of them. One solution I found by a Youtuber was to save the outer edging for last. I think that would make a nice “patch” look, but not what I was going for here. Plus the thought of shoving a needle through that plastic backing that many times made me want to cry.

Thanks for looking! Hope you like it!


The Luna Moth is so amazing! It’s wild seeing the in progress pics. I mean I knew you made it but seeing the pics…it’s like no, no, she MADE this. It’s so beautiful and detailed. Thank you!


This is awesome! I love seeing all of the in-progress pictures. Stumpwork is something I’d like to try someday.
(& your helper kitties are cute!)


Holy heck, this is amazing! I can’t believe it’s only your second time doing hand embroidery! The moth came out so lovely and wonderful. Just stunning work.


Absolutely gorgeous!

I did two stumpwork butterflies a few yeas ago, so I understand how much work that was!

Tips: you can glue thin fabric or paper over the messy back before assembly.
Stitch on background fabric that matches the binding on the cut edge or touch up white threads with markers.


Wow, this is incredible work. Well done

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Absolutely incredible!! Love all the progress pics!

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Stumpwork is so interesting!! Bravo for doing some!! I’ve been tempted, but haven’t taken the step!!

Luna moths are beautiful so you chose a wonderful first stumpwork project!

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Beautiful…and I did love hearing that you made it while enjoying some time with a teen…that is a win/win!


Absolutely lovely!


Great tips! Thank you :two_hearts:


So incredible and beautiful. Thank you for showing the progress and the back. It is insanely gorgeous!


Holy cow! This thing looks like magic. What a wonderful labor of love!!!


Amazing work! The in progress pics are so interesting to show the progression of the work


This is soooooo beautiful! I love the colors and you did a perfect job. Thanks for sharing so many details on its construction! I’d like to try this someday.


This is truly stunning! Thank you so much for sharing so much of the process here with us. WOW! I thought that someday I might want to try stumpwork, but now I might not! :rofl:


You definitely should, this was one of the most fun projects I’ve done in a long time!


This is beautiful!


That’s gorgeous!


:drum: :drum: :drum: :drum: Congratulations! Your rad craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! WOO! :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: