Stylin' Protective Face Masks

Stuck at home, and knowing I am too late to find any kind of protective face mask…anywhere…I started searching for a DIY pattern. This one looked good, with good instructions. I realize that they are not going to protect us against a sneeze in the face or close proximity, but they should help protect us if we need to go out and about when cases start showing up in our area. I am sending good thoughts to all who are facing this crisis.

So I made a few.

Cotton outside, double bamboo lining with a pocket to insert a surgical mask or other non-woven barriers. The virus is not yet in our area, but everything has been canceled, live-streaming Sunday services, work at home directives. I’m so glad for my overstocked, crazy craft stash.

I will probably make more, but both of these were prototypes, customized to two slightly different faces. I have an allergy barrier pillowcase, HEPA filter paper, and various non-woven fabric/paper options to use as liners.



It is pine pollen season here and it is miserable. I usually wear a protective mask to keep out the pollen as much as I can. Of course, no masks are to be had! Thanks for the link.

I never thought to use an allergy barrier pillowcase…I have a few of those that are a bit worn!

Cute fabric also makes these look less scary…


I have lots of cute kid fabric bits due to a grandson and two grand nephews. Now I am collecting cute girl based fabrics. I am a bit of a traditionalist on colors for children, but I try not to get too ‘girly’, just pretty colors. So yes, there will likely be alligators, puppies, frogs, hippos, etc. show up on my face.

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Agree the cute fabric makes them less scary! Yours almost looks like a fun scarf. Cool!

Everything can be made more fun with cute fabric, even the really not so much fun stuff.

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