Styling Head Plant Pot

The scary doll head/ hair styling toy was up for grabs in the free pile at work. I’ve wanted to make one of those doll-head planters, so I brought it home.

First, (I’m sorry, I have to do it) cut off all the hair to get it out of the way.

I put a rubber band around the head to help me decide where to cut, then marked it with a permanent marker.

Cut the top of the head off.

Unpicked the (gross) hair ends from inside. The hair was chain stitched on the inside. INteresting.

Scrounged around in the basement to see what kind of paint we had hanging around.

Painted it.

Filled with plants.


Sort of fabulous and creepy at the same time!

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@steiconi I toyed with the idea of adding googly eyes for a picture, but thought it A. would be REALLY creepy and B.would take the paint off the eyes and ruin them.

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Nice hat! :wink:

That looks awesome! I don’t think it’s too creepy… and I’m not a fan of dolls rofl. I like the paintjob you did.

A little creepy and a whole lotta cool! I love this!

Very cool! Using the rubber band to mark your cut line was genius.

You took something that was cheap and junky and turned it into something fun and cool!

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Very cool in a creepy sort of way!

What a lovely transformation, you’d never know she started life in a different form!

:mirror_ball: :dancing_women: :ice_cube: :dancing_women: :mirror_ball: Woohoo! Your cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Thanks for sharing it here with us! :mirror_ball: :dancing_women: :ice_cube: :dancing_women: :mirror_ball:

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This is absolutely amazing! What a way to upcycle!

Love it…I think the dark paint makes the green of the plants come out better.

Wow, that went from truly horrifying scary doll zone to really amazingly beautiful planter. Great work!