Styrofoam Planter

I had this Tv box with styrofoams cushion inside, instead of throwing out I made a planter for baby succulents and cactus and made a decorative piece as a tray for glass small vases, I just like how white it is, I like a clean and minimalist style.


What a clever re-purposing.


How wonderful this is! Keeping the foam out of the landfills. And the bright white looks stunning with the greenery. I’d love to see a pic in the future when the leaves are bigger and cascading over the white. Great job, I am gonna fish around in the giant dumpster outside and claim my own and copy your great idea!

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Hello @GabeTheQuacker… thank you… I will update when they all make it… :crossed_fingers:t3:
Lol made me laugh about the dumpster thing…
Good luck! Show us some pics when you make one.

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