Subject Themed Garlands for My Teaching Team

For the past couple of years I’ve been meaning to make these as gifts for my coworkers. I misplaced the atlas I had and the box of flash cards that I had already bought. I was able to find some random atlas pages in the social studies teacher’s room (I got permission to take them), but the only flash cards I could find had Disney princesses on them, so I had to pay attention to how I cut them.

I used a 3" paper punch to punch out the circles, and then I sewed them together, leaving a couple of inches between each one (I forgot on a couple).

For the social studies teacher, a garland made of atlas pages:

For the math teacher, a garland made from multiplication flash cards:

And for the ELA teacher, a garland made from the pages of a children’s chapter book. I stitched two circles together for this one because I had a lot more circles. I figured she could bend them outwards to make the garland a little more 3D:

Side note: I picked a children’s book to make sure there were no inappropriate words on the pages. But, it amused me to see that even with that precaution, some of the pages could be taken out of context!


Wow, these make such great teacher gifts! Really cool idea!

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These are so cool! I’m sure they were a hit with the recipients!

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Those are beautiful garlands!
I bet the recipients love them!

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I really like these! What fun gifts.

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Thank you! They were all well-received!

Now, I just have to figure out what to use to make a science-themed one for myself. I thought about using the Periodic Table, but I don’t teach it. Maybe I can use a star chart or a galaxy poster…