Submit [painting]

Two trees, one just barely surviving submitting itself to be supported by the fuller tree. While surrounding them are the rolling hills filled with life, both inconspicuous and vividly visible. It feels like they are the only ones and not, and yet, they are so distant, but together.

I didn’t get the trees as good as I hoped (I think if I plan on doing this again, I need to get my hands on a bristly rounded brush), but still a lot better than I thought I could do. I really like how it shows the vast emptiness and non-emptiness all in one. At least in my addled brain, heh.


Those hills :heart_eyes:

Man, that big tree is eating the little one!

Great job capturing a moody sky! This is great!

The water, the hills, the sky - you did such a great job on this!

It’s beautiful and really sets a mood. I love the way the sky darkens.

It’s beautiful. I find the water enchanting.

Fantastic! I especially like the way you’ve created a sense of sunlight on the hills.

I love the vibrant colors.