Succulent Birthday "Card"

It’s not technically a card, but it takes the place of one.

succulent 1

Start by cutting out the pieces, sponging on some ink, and curling the edges of the petals a little bit.

Be generous with ink. Layer on greens and browns and highlight with red or white. White adds tremendous dimension.

Free files are here.

Specific construction tips:
The circular flower-like succulents are made by stacking the layers.
–Cut two sets of petal rounds for each “bloom”. Stack them to your liking. You won’t need every piece, and after gluing the stack use spare petals to fill in bare spots.
–Roll the smallest layer into a loose cone for the center.
–Using dimensional glue dots (foam) to adhere the bigger layers bulks up the succulent.

succulent top 1

The purple trailing plant, which starts as a long strip with leaves on both side, is wrapped around thick floral wire or a skewer or toothpick or whatever you have. Fill in bare spots with extra leaves.

The blue and the beige sprigs are a pain. I glued them painstakingly, leaf by leaf, onto a toothpick (beige) and small tube of paper (blue). I’m sure there’s a better way to make these.

succulent top 2

After making the plants, I made the basket from a 3" diameter styrofoam ball that I had covered with strips of wood grain paper .

The base of the planter is a snap-together curtain grommet (left over from another crafty project) wrapped with the same paper strips.

After the large plant pieces were securely glued, I went back around and filled in empty spots with spare leaves.


WOW This turned out so cool! Thanks for sharing the files and instructions with LettuceCraft!

This is beautiful! And just in time for Mother’s Day, too!

This is just gorgeous! Who wouldn’t love to receive this?

Whoa! Super cool!

So beautiful, I love it

Wow this is beautiful, thank you for sharing such a detailed tutorial

How gorgeous! Flowers/plants you never need to water? That’s right up my alley!

How pretty! I would love to have a little plant like this brightening up the place.

Plants that live forever and never require watering! They are so cool. Such a sweet gift.

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Love this one.

:revolving_hearts: Eep! Your stupendous craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :confetti_ball:

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Wow! This is really pretty :smiley:

Great Job, what a great way to give plants without having to manage the upkeep of the plant