Succulent Pillow

I’m sure you’ve seen these advertised. This was definitely one of those “Why should I buy it when I can make it in only eleventy-hundred hours?”

Cost of materials was modest. I used maybe a yard of fleece. The batting and foam I had on hand.

I cut out a bunch of petals in three sizes. Sewed them right sides together WITH a piece of quilt batting sewn to the sandwich. This made a “self stuffed” petal when turned right side out.

I had some foam left over from another project. I cut leaf shapes, not particularly neatly, and held it in place as I turned the petal right side out. The foam is kind of sticky so it stays in place by itself.

Here is a petal with the padding and foam inside. I pushed that extra fleece inside and machine sewed the petal shut at the bottom.

The pillow is constructed in rings. HAND sewed, ugh. It took forever. This is the MIDDLE ring. I decided to start here and add the largest ring and then the smallest.

This shows the underside of the ring as I am hand sewing it together.

You would think you could just sew roundy roundy, ring on top of ring, and be done, but no, it’s not secure enough. The rings flopped apart. I had to sew-tack it all over between the petals to get it to stay together.

She liked it.


Oh I’ve been wanting one of these pillows but had the same thought, they want so much $$$ for them. Maybe all this labor is why :rofl:

This is perfect! I love it.

I had never seen them but now I have & I want one!
Also a tropical leaf pillow, though those look a good deal easier to construct.

This is awesome!!

So cool! My DD and DILs would all be swooning over this.

So cool!!! And ugh, that hand sewing while holding the petals, my hands hurt just thinking about it.

That looks so cozy!

That’s so cool! I love it!

I found a DIY that uses minky & a circular base!

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That’s so cool!

This is adorable and cozy-looking! You did a great job eyeballing things, and it looks like it’s holding together really well. I would love to see one on my couch someday! :smiley:

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I have never seen these before either. This is fantastic. It would add a nice touch of flare to any room.

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Very cool!

It’s like furniture sculpture; I love it! Thanks for sharing the process as well.

Nice job! It turned out great!

This is so awesome! I want to make one now. Not that I don’t have 13 jillion other projects waiting to be done, but what’s one more at this point. :rofl:


Love it! You did a great job. Totally adding to my list of projects for 2022.


Also, great project! It looks very snuggly, yet will rebound after smooshing!