Succulent planting with the kids

We saw some pictures that look like a painting but were plants so the kids wanted to recreate these.
I had a few little seed pots that had chips or cracks, no longer good for their intended purpose. The kids picked the spray paint color and rock colors. Then laid the pots sideways in a large plant trivet ($1 from the dollar store meant to go under large pots and have small wheels which totally don’t work on larger heavy plants)
They spray painted their pots which was a semi fiasco letting 2-7yr olds loose with spray paint! Then added a bit of succulent soil to the trivets, chose their succulents and created almost a picture of a plant potted in the trivets. Then they added the colorful stones and set them out in a good spot that gets a lot of morning sun but shaded all afternoon to hopefully prevent burns.
They enjoyed it and now think all my plants need hot pink/purple and blue stones.


WOW! What a cool way to add some color into the backyard!

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Super fun!

Super bright and colourful! Just wondering how that works, do the trays have holes for drainage? If not, they may turn into perfect bee and butterfly baths after a rain though I’m not sure the succulents will love that much moisture, ha.

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cute and colorful!

This is really clever

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Very cute idea! I bet they had a blast!!

Oh my goodness! This is such a great idea!

I love these! This is a neat idea - I always have lots of succulent starts and I have a small aquarium and lots of rock! I love the way it does look like a painting.

Yes I drilled holes in the bottom so they don’t be come aquariums!


Amazing! What a great idea :slightly_smiling_face:

Very cool! Now I am envisioning a large dish like that with an upright pot withsomething tall & spiky, then the succulents in the bright rocks in sideways mini pots or, ooh, teacups! Your fun project has inspired me!

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That is so freaking cool!