Suggestions for clothing labels (custom)


I’m looking for custom clothing labels for the upcycled clothes I make. I’d prefer something soft like cotton and recycled is even better. :smile:

I’ve found lots on Etsy but thought I’d ask for suggestions here first.

Thanks in advance.

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I’ve ordered from Wunderlabels in the past, but don’t think their product sounds like what you are looking for. I’m sure it was not recycled material, probably not even cotton, and the edges were a little sharp and uncomfortable. (I actually trimmed the sharp edges off.)

On the plus side, I liked the fact that you could do different lines of types in different fonts and sizes. Shipping was pretty quick. They were durable and well-stitched.

Hopefully others can inform you about other companies.


How about a custom clothing stamp? Then you could stamp on whatever recycled thing you wanted.


Thank you, @endymion ~ I was just looking at their site yesterday! I really want the labels to be soft (I hate scratchy labels) but like the fact that you found them durable and well-stitched. Something to keep in mind for sure.

And @Magpie, thanks for the link. I will check it out!

Research various transfer techniques for fabric, it would be more work, and you could use recycled fabric of your choice. And your own label designs.

Printable iron on transfer paper, and then there are the various transfer techniques of photo or magazine images to fabric. Do a YouTube dive and see the options. Should find one that works for transferring your label.


Also, don’t forget that you can place the label somewhere other than the collar, like along the inside at the bottom or along an inside seam, so that the scratchiness factor won’t matter.


Oooh, good point. I like that idea. Thanks, @Donna :grinning:

Thanks, these are great suggestions, @marionberries ~ appreciate it!

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I started with making such labels myself, but the cost/value ratio was the worst :face_vomiting:
Look, you can make machine washable labels using sheets of printable fabric (about $10 for 3 sheets at Joann’s). Here’s how you do it: you print your design directly onto a sheet of fabric, iron the sheet of fabric to set the ink, cut the label to size.
At the end, sew the labels onto your clothes or other crafts.

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