Summer Chili

My family and I are having a wonderful time with our foray into raised bed gardening. We planted all sorts of things, and lots of them! One of those things was 9 tomato plants! Wowza, do we have a ton of tomatoes!

I decided yesterday to try to make a tomato sauce and on one of the hottest summer days, had 2 crock pots going as well as drying tomatoes out in my air fryer. (I need a dehydrator and apparently an immersion blender, well, to be honest a real blender, too, because mine was broeken.)

Anyway, I made a successful sauce, but it was very tomatoe-y, even as we added spices and brown sugar, etc. And, it was still pretty thin, so thickened it up with corn starch. I took a picture, but decided it didn’t look very tasty, so deleted it.

We decided to try to make it into chili, and picked up our normal parts: peppers, a few beans, and chili flavor packets. We had been taking sausage out of the chili to help with cholesterol, but I suggested we use it to help take away the tomato flavor. Mr. Lynx did his chili magic.

I am not usually super excited about chili, but ohmygosh this was divine!

This is not repeatable by recipe, but it was successful and we have lots more tomatoes!

Nom nom.


Makes me want chili now! YUM

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Sounds yummy!!

Sound delish!

Chili is my all time fave I can eat it year round 90 degree weather and all!

The chili looks delicious!

I love tomatoes. Years ago, my grandpa had a tomato crop that was going insane. When grandma suggested I take some, I was super eager. I got a grocery bag bulging with tomatoes. I ate them all in less than a week. Plain, on sandwiches, tacos, plain… I love them so much! We went back a week later, and I got a second bag. I miss those visits :hearts:

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Congrats! Your Summer Chili is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

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Delicious food with ingredients from your own garden. Score!

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I also love gardening and chili.
My favorite is this The Best Chili Ever Recipe
Immensely delicious. I did a vegetarian variant with ground tofu and still it was something else.