Summer cover-ups

Hi you crafty bunch!

Back to the covid isolation fabric stash sewathon!!
(and more to come as I have more on the go, lol!)

So I decided to go with the summer cover-ups for my next sews as you can tell! I’m particularly self-conscious of my upper arms, and whilst I’m happy walking around the house in a cami or vest top, I prefer to wear a cover-up when I walk the dog or go out (when we’re allowed to go out again!).

I didn’t use a pattern for this lovely teal lace number, I took inspiration from an IG piccie by the owner of the fabric store I got the fabric from and decided to knock up my own!

Very simple, I just folded it in half, using the scalloped edge as my hem, kind of guestimated the width I wanted pretty much just by measuring from my elbow to elbow and cut that, cut a neck hole in the middle (and then fine tuned it when I’d tried it on pinned), hemmed the sides and neck, and then sewed up the sides. So a square with a neck hole!

Obligatory crazy face shot, with Rosie the dog about to take a pee in the background, lol.

And kimono style jacket in red crochet effect stretch fabric. I probably could have knocked this up without a pattern (as I have in the past with a nice chiffon one I made a couple of years ago) but I did use one just so I didn’t have to bother thinking :wink:

And more crazy faces, this is what you get when Mr Loops is my photographer! Thanks to him for doing it tho cos it was fricking baking out there and he was stood full in the sun getting seared :sunny:

:boom: Fabrics: I got the teal lace from Mibs Fabrics (affiliate link), and the red crochet fabric from Fabric-Styles
:boom: Pattern: I used the Summer cover-up from Patterns for Pirates

Oh and the shorts I made for Star Wars day :smiley:

Anyways, hope you like them! :sunglasses:
Loops xx


I’ve been thinking about you and what your newest makes were going to be. Now I know! I just adore you are making your own wardrobe!

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T he he, it would be even better if I didn’t still buy clothes online, my wardrobe is getting fricking huge!!! :wink: Mind I don’t buy much, I fall in love with fabric much more than clothes I see, lol.

Next up will probably either be a shirt/jacket I’m doing pattern testing for (I’ve got 2 amazeballs scuba fabrics to use for that!), or some nice summery culotte cropped trousers :grin:

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they are both great but I really love that teal fabric.

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Nice! That red looks stunning on you!

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Haha…never saw a square with a neck hole look so good! Great pieces for summer. :smiley:


Love the kimono jacket! My sister has a favorite swim suit cover-up that is made exactly like your blue top…it was so expensive…I promised her I would make her another one but forgot about it until I saw your lovely top! The shape is great and keep you cool!

Can’t wait to see your next projects…

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Nice job! I think they both turned out fabulous! I’m in love with the teal lace…,

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Both are super pretty but I love the red!

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