Summertime Themed Masterboard Notecard Sets

I always forget how cool a masterboard can look by starting with just paint and a brayer. So, I was pleasantly surprised to be reminded!

For the hummingbird, puffin, and fish cards, I started out with these masterboards:

See how cool they are with just the paint and brayer?

But, they weren’t done, so I added more:

Cool, huh? My favorite is the pink and purple one. The day I finished these masterboards, we had heavy rain and my roof leaked (oh no!) on the table they were sitting on. I had already started making the fish cards. Luckily, the cards and the masterboards were safe! We just now need to look into a new roof because we’ve had leaking in various parts of the roof, which is really annoying!

I made the fish cards first. I stamped the little fishies and they look so cool on the green masterboard! I trimmed just slightly away from the black border, and I love that effect.

Here’s my fish card set:

Next I made the hummingbird cards. I stamped them on pink cardstock, then cut a slightly larger purple cardstock frame. Isn’t it so pretty on the pink and purple masterboard?

Then I made the puffin cards. This masterboard was actually my least favorite of the three, but honestly, I think this set of cards ended up being my favorite of the three. (The stamp was hand-carved by @alishamisha.) I have seen puffins on the Kenai Fjords Tour in Alaska and puffins are part of really fun slogans in Alaska. I also really hope to go on a puffin tour in Maine. I have family in MA and I have been to the Lobster Fest up there a couple times.

I really like this design:

I had two other pieces of paper I was using as run off for these masterboards which I added more paint to and then had two more masterboards. I don’t have a picture of the masterboard, but they made these next two sets of cards.

I have a whole bunch of embossing folders, and struggle to find the best way to use them. I have this cute one with a globe where the landform is flowers. So, I embossed them, then cut out the globe and added my “Bon Voyage” stamp to a small piece of paper banner. I love to travel; there’s so much to see and do!

And from the other masterboard, I went with cactus. I cut a small piece of white paper and ran a cactus washii tape across it for a banner. Then I cut out white paper the size of my cactus stamp and and matching green cardstock to frame it. I would have used one of my lettuce stamps, but it would have looked odd with the cactus washii, so this is meant to signify gardening which I have really been enjoying this summer!

All of these cards are 5x7 inches. Isn’t it so cool how one large masterboard can be cut into smaller pieces and make a set of similar items, yet still be different? That’s the magic!

These are going out as part of the Happy Mail Craftalong. Have you joined yet? It’s super low key and really nice to get a mailbox full of happy mail!

(These cards are also getting special surprise with them!)

Thanks so much for looking!


WOW! That’s a ton of papercrafting. Beautifully done. I agree puffins are awesome. And I’m sorry about your roof! Glad your art was safe. :two_hearts: Very cool sets of cards all around.

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All the card sets are wonderful!

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Not only are your masterboards fun, colorful and creative, what you did each set was as well!

So many ideas on how they can be the focal point, the background…you treated each masterboard individually and let it become what it did…I really LOVE the fishes!

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So much to look at! I love the masterboards and the framing on the hummingbirds and cacti look great. And I love those fish! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Everything is awesome!

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I’m the happy recipient of one of the fish cards and can confirm they’re amazing in person :+1:t2:.


Thank you! Glad you like yours!

These look great and I agree, the puffins are the coolest.

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These are all pretty cool, but I really like the way the fish came out. (And that embossed globe thing is pretty cool, too!)

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So many great card sets!

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These are great. The fish are my favorites.


They all are so pretty but I just love the humming bird ones.

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I love all of them!