Sunflower Dog Costumes

Does this go here? Lol I dunno.
I’m a dog caretaker by trade and one of my special buddies (clients), Larry, was over for Halloween! I had to make he and my dog, Rugi, matching costumes.
I got a bunch of yellow lilies from the Dollar Tree and then some greenish elastic from my stash. I picked the lilies since they were yellow and had the largest petals.
Then I just cut all the petals off and glued them onto the elastic with hot glue cuz I was lazy. Glued the elastic ends together, again, cuz I was lazy, and TADAAAH!
I couldn’t stop laughing. They were way too cute.

Larry is the adorably dopey Golden Retriever and Rugi (Aruga) is the smiley brown girl. (We think she’s a Black Mouth Cur)

Lol Rugi likes licking feet… I dunno.


They are so cute! An such good doggies for happily wearing their costumes!


Lol Larry wore it for a little bit. Rugi wore it for quite a while though!


How our pups put up with us. We had the Big Freeze in Feb 2021 and lost power and water (we are in TX). It was 42F in the house, so I put a cowl on my bigger dog to keep his ears warm. This is the look I got when I did it.


Your flowers are gorgeous!!! I can’t believe you still have some blooming in November! It must be because they’re indoors.


@J-squared sorry I’m used to cold temperatures so I’m confused. :rofl: I wore a t shirt the other day in 45f. Lol sorry I think if you live in Minnesota you’re obligated to tell people how different your climate is. Pffft. I can’t help it.
That must have been really scary if you’re not used to it. Especially of course with no power or water. Did your pup keep it on? Looks like a veisla? (SP?) He’s really cute.

@TheMistressT :joy: they’re a special breed.


We are in Houston, Tx. Our houses and infrastructure were not built for the multi day below freezing temps that we received that time. When it was 42F in our house, it was 12F outside. Definitely not a big deal for Minn, but it was for us. We were actually lucky. We had neighbors who recorded freezing temps inside of the house and had busted water pipes. And, yes, he kept it on. He’s a mixed breed, so could have some of that.


Too cute. I am sure your client enjoyed the pics too.
Also, you can get doggie DNA so you never have to wonder what your dog is again. We got it as a gift for my fathers rescue pup last year.

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Oh jeez it was 12 outside? :grimacing: Yeah that’s not good. I didn’t mean to be rude if you’re offended. I remember now that some people didn’t make it in some places where it froze where it shouldn’t. The weather changes are scary. I knew I shouldnt have made that joke. Please excuse me. I need to remember that things come off differently in text than they do in person. :person_facepalming: My bad.

I am so iffy about those DNA tests. I’m just not sure. Whenever anybody tells me they got one it always sounds totally off. For instance I have a client who definitely looks like a mastiff and probably lab. He’s brindle and very large. His main results were Pitbull, MALAMUTE, and Shepherd. Weird. I have looked at info and it says on several sites that it’s not peer-reviewed so it’s not verified. I dunno. :person_shrugging: I’ve done lots of research and based on how Rugi looks my best guess is Black Mouth Cur. Which certainly helped when it came to renting as a lot of places won’t rent to pitbulls if she were a pit/boxer mix which was my second guess.

@RagingSloth No offense taken. It’s been a year and half, so no longer a headline on national news, although some people are still dealing with the effects of it.

@gozer we did a DNA test. He had enough markers for 5 identifiable breeds, but still had 37.5% “mystery” breeds in him. :joy: So, when people ask what breed he is, I say guess and you will probably be right.


Oh thank goodness. I felt really bad that I may have offended you which was definitely not my intention.

Lol and with your dogs ears in that ear warmer (snood?) And the lil wrinkles with the butterscotch coloring it definitely looks like he’s a viszla (just looked up proper spelling). Is he super friendly but a little anxious?

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Yes, very friendly with all people except the littles. Anxious about new situations and other unknown dogs. His ears are upright and large. His DNA test revealed Staffie, Lab, Chow, Sheltie, and wait for it….Chihuahua. :rofl: He’s 30 lbs, so no telling how that all happened. Here is his Tinder pic.



See, Chow seems like the wildcard to me. Lol. I see chihuahua so often on those tests. I feel like they just throw it in there.


I don’t think that could get more adorable!


Oh my goodness, the cutest thing I’ve seen today. :heart_eyes:

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