Super Chunky Sweater

A few years back, my friend gave me three skeins of camel colored and one skein of multicolored chunky yarn from Knit Collage. In an effort to pair down my stash and utilize time before the first of the year swaps begin, I decided to make a quick sweater using the yarn. I couldn’t find a free pattern that I liked, but I used some inspiration from a German pattern and kind of winged it along the way. After several false starts and ripping it out several times, it turned out to fit me perfectly. One of the sleeves looks longer in the photo, but I assure you that’s my slouch, not the sweater. :slight_smile:


That’s lovely!

Love how you saved the colorful artsy yarn for the sleeves!

Turned out really nice and something you can actually wear!

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This is a super cool sweater. Those cuffs are the bomb and it all fits you so nicely. Well done!

So cute!

“Quick sweater” she says like it ain’t no thang. OK. Sure. :rofl:


I also love that pop of color on the sleeves! How long did it take you to work this lovely sweater?

It was super bulky yarn, so by the time I actually got the cast on stitch amount corrected, around 3-4 nights. The arms were the most fiddly since I had to use double pointed needles and they were short and the stitches kept falling off. :slight_smile:

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I love the pop of color on the cuffs! It looks like a very comfy sweater!

You’re hilarious, and I love it so much! Esp the sleeves!

I love it! The contrast on the sleeves brightens up an otherwise calm sweater. And it does indeed fit you perfectly.

That sweater looks so cozy.

Chunktastic! Like everyone else I like the funky sleeve ends.