Superhero Scuffle - a family ATC

My middle son’s birthday is today and of course, he’s getting an ATC.

This memory is from when my youngest son had his 6th birthday party. It had a superhero theme. He and all of his guests had a scavenger hunt to find all of their superhero gear, including capes, masks, badges, and so on. My middle son was coerced by his loving parents to play the super villain that the kindergartners were chasing. Some of the little guys got a little bit too carried away! My poor son, a teenager at the time, was getting his heinie kicked by about eight kindergartners, and didn’t want to fight back, of course, or for fear of hurting any of them.

He sure was mad, though. He made us promise to never make him do anything like that again!

It’s been many years since then. I’m hoping that he will find this memory humorous after so much time… I certainly think it’s hilarious!


How cute!!!

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Oh, this is so much fun!

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Thank you!

What a fun memory! I can’t imagine not recognizing the humor upon reflection.

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I think it will get a chuckle. :wink:

A great story; I’m sure he loves it!

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Thank you! He really did like it! :grin:

Funny story and very sweet of him to do that. Great memory and ATC.

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