SusieQ's crocheted winter coat

I ordered this yarn by LeapFeetFirst in the ebay sale and it arrived just in time to crochet up a long winter coat and headband for SusieQ (my little visitor.) SusieQ (@LadybugsAndBees) came with her summer clothes and I didn’t want her to freeze this winter.

I don’t have a pattern, I just made it up as I went. She was such a trooper constantly trying it on.

I included a zipper (which excited me) and am grateful that Susie won’t mind she has to step out of it since it’s not a jacket zipper so it stops. The headband has a small hole for her pigtails to go through so it’ll stay on.

She loves it so much she doesn’t take it off. Here she is waiting for LC to launch!


The photo of her waiting for LC to launch. She looks so happy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

She knew she was coming back home too! :kissing_heart:

Too cute! I love the matching headband. So very sweet and generous if you to use this very special yarn for your LV

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That what our peeps do–share the love!

She’s so cute and I love her little coat!

Thank you! She’s a good house guest! (She’s visiting from Long Island!)

I was sooooo happppyyyy to see that Lynx2Lancer used that particular yarn for SuzieQ’s adorable coat and hat! I was sooooo jealous that Lynx2Lancer got to buy the yarn before I got to it! :yum:

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Oh my goodness, that is adorable!!

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OMG, the fact that the little visitor is getting a winter coat is just adorable, and the yarn is beautiful, great job on the coat!