Swap Ornaments

I’ve been having a gas with the Ongoing Ornament Swap 2023 - Sign up 8/28 through Sept 30, 2023 You can, too, it’s open until the end of the month!

What I really like is how each wishlist makes me think not only about what to make, but how to make it. I’ve resurrected techniques I haven’t used in decades! It’s so freeing to break out of my usual habits.

Kimono Dragon for manders

Made of old kimono and silk chiffon, and wired so she can pose.

Igloo and penguins for lynx

Buttons on the igloo (hmm, maybe it’s an iglue, I never see those hot glue threads until it’s too late). The penguins are model magic.

Purrmaid for aufish

my first cloth doll in 20 years!

Dutch canal house cabinet for camelana

3D printed from my original design. The front opens to reveal shelves, but I forgot to take that picture.

Hermione Granger-Weasley’s writing desk for tapestry

Ron’s aunt gave this desk to Hermione as a wedding present. I like to have a story when I’m making.
3D printed from my original design. Doors are hinged, front piece curves down to hide your private correspondence, and the drawer opens, at least theoretically. It’s kind of stuck.


Wow, those are all great!

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so much detail!
great job on all

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The are all so unique and detailed. Fun ornaments!

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Your ornaments are spectacular! That dragon! The purrmaid! Really gorgeous, every single one.

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These are all wonderful, but I really love Hermione’s Writing Desk and the little history you created for it!


These are all phenomenal!

But of course my heart of hearts belongs to the miniatures. Your 3D printed designs are always miraculous!

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I love 3D printing minis because I can get such fine detail. I spend tens of hours designing, testing, fixing a piece, but then I can reproduce it with little additional effort…if things go well. I’m on my fifth revision of something right now.


Ooh, can’t wait to see it!