Swap Size Updates!

Hello All! The Swap Mods @gozer , @geekgirl & @kwality570 have decided to shake things up a bit and revamp the size requirements for a swap due to rising shipping costs. Instead of a 3-point system, we will be switching to a 5-point system.

By Size & Time:
Extra Small – 1+ hours – ATC, bookmark, vinyl decal, fridge magnet, stickers, masterboards, earrings.

Small – 2+ hours – pouches, ATC trios, TM patch, small artwork, dishcloth, set of 4 notecards, simple necklace.

Medium – 3+ hours – small amigurumi (6” or less), tote bags, basic scarf, hooplas (outline or felt), earring & necklace set.

Large – 4+ hours – amigurumi (over 6”), intricate scarf, intricate hoopla, art quilt.

Extra Large – 5+ hours – Purse, shawl, blanket, lap quilt, woven towel.

There will be exceptions in the case of more complex designs and patterns. These are just examples, use your best judgment on your craft.
Dry times, run times for machine embroidery, die cutter machines, cook times, etc. do not count towards the craft time.
If you have any questions about where your craft would fall, contact @geekgirl , @gozer , or @kwality570 with either an image or description of the craft and we can help you categorize it.


Great idea to have a broader set of guidelines for gauging swap project sizes! I don’t think I can make anything in less than 3 hours! :snail:


Great guidelines and updates! Thanks @SwapMods!


Very smart!!! I love it!


You guys are great for adapting to the current realities of postal and supply costs! Thanks for the updates and keeping this site fresh and meaningful!


This is a really great change.


If you think something is in the wrong category, or we should add anything, feel free to let us know!

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These are great. It is great that you are thinking of those crafts that take longer (embroidery and cross stitch looking in your direction).