Sweat Shoppe Ornament Swap Discussion

Is anyone interested in doing a round of the Sweat Shoppe Ornament Swap this year? For those who didn’t do this on the other forum, we make 3 like ornaments, and in return you will receive 3 different ornaments from 3 different crafters. You make a top picks list and I match people up as best as I can.


I don’t know how this will work, with the latest round of swaps just opening up, but if there’s some way for it to happen…oooooh!

For some reason I hadn’t realized we were still doing voting and rounds of swaps, even after I read through a lot of topics. So the Sweat Shoppe Swap Ornament Swap isn’t going to happen.

I think that restricting how many swaps are open at a time has to do with the system that is being used to track and record all the information as the swap system specifically for this new site is still being worked on.

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That’s too bad… maybe I can get an extra-early start on next year, when things are running at full tilt.

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In the meantime, there is an ornament swap starting in early October that will be an ongoing swap with the potential for multiple claims (one at a time.)


I would really be interested in an ornament swap. Kinda new here, so wondering if I’m allowed.

Just realized this post is 7 months old? hmmm…

Welcome @Sewblu ! So glad you found us!

Don’t fret; this post is only a few days old. The “seven months” message was referring to how long it had been since user @GatorWrangler had posted anything here on Lettuce Craft. (And BTW, nice to “see” you again, GW!)

I think the ornament swap info will be posted around October 1st. It will tell you what criteria you might need to meet to participate. Keep an eye out for it.

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Hey, the ornament swap opened early! Go check it out!