Sweet as Pie

My kiddo turned 16 about a week ago. I don’t know how that happened. It’s totally not cool of him to do that.

Anyhow, Phillip was all, “We should probably get him a birthday cake.” I said yes, but then I started thinking about it. Who said birthday cakes had to be cake?

Elliott loves pie. Specifically, he loves pumpkin pie. So I decided he was going to get a birthday pumpkin pie.

But I tend to be “extra” when it comes to making things so I didn’t just make him a pumpkin pie, I made 6 mini-pies, 3 pumpkin pies, 2 lime pies, and 1 Hoosier sugar cream pie.

They were not especially pretty but they were all delicious and the slices were so cute…they were like two-bite pie! Please note the fork in the picture is a tiny cheese fork.

I personally was excited about my Hoosier sugar cream pie, which was a staple of my childhood and my dad’s favorite pie. I haven’t had it since I was a young adult. I went a bit overboard with the caramelized sugar/cinnamon/butter mixture on top, but it was so good. While I was looking for a decent recipe for it, I noticed that some blogger referred to it as the “poor man’s” crème brûlée. And you know, yeah…kind of. I can see it.

The 6 mini pies have now inspired Phillip and me to envision what else I can make in mini pie dishes. So far, we’ve come up with quiche, pizza, casseroles, pot pies, anything else?


Looks very tasty! I’ve never heard of Hoosier sugar cream pie, but it looks delicious. By the way, in my country it’s absolutely normal to eat pie instead of cake at birthday parties.


I like that. Pie for birthdays may be our new tradition. I like cake but I think I like pie better.

Hoosier is the “nickname” for the state of Indiana (US). It’s called the Hoosier state and folks from Indiana sometimes call themselves Hoosiers.

The sugar cream pie is a type of desperation pie, made with common household ingredients. I followed this recipe and it was perfect. My grandma made it for every family reunion and major holidays.

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Sixteen?! Oh man. Big milestone for both of you! That smile says everything about your pies. :grin: They look delicious! I’m a sucker for a key lime myself.


Why does everything look better when it is tiny? I love the idea of mini foods…

The pies were obviously a big hit!

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Yey for birthday pie(s)! I believe that the treat for the birthday celebrant should be the type they like. Mini pies? YASSSS!



I’ve had birthday pie for years. Warm cherry pie a la mode is a favorite, with occasional ice cream pies.

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Wow! Your son sure looks like you. The pies look yummy! My husband prefers pie to cake and sometimes requests it for his birthday.


I love the mini pies and they look scrumptious! Your son is a cutie. Thanks for sharing the Hoosier pie recipe in the comments! I will definitely try that and now I want mini pie plates to go with my mini bundt pans :joy:.


Mmmmm…. Piiiiiiiie…. :drooling_face: Perfect for any occasion. My niece had a wedding pie instead of wedding cake. It was a delicious and delightful change! My dad usually requested lemon meringue for his birthdays.

Your pies look scrumptious!


My husband requests lemon meringue as well!

I am going to try the Hoosier pie…I think it might be the pie my great grandmother used to make when we visited her in Indiana…I just remember it was a cream pie of sorts. They all sound delicious to me!

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You’ll have to let me know if you like it. My family finds it’s super rich and it’s not their favorite. That’s okay…more for me!

:smiley: He looks so much like his dad too. It’s wild because I don’t think Phillip and I look like per se, but…

Let me know if it’s the pie! I mean Indiana + cream pie makes me think it’s highly likely that it’s the pie. Of course, there are many different versions. This recipe was close in flavor to my grams pie. :slight_smile: