Sweet Dragon Ball Dreams

My youngest great nephew is really into Dragon Ball. When we visited last fall, he told me all about it and the characters with such enthusiasm. Lately, I have been making things for his new baby sister. I worried that he might feel a bit left out so I searched for sewing projects I could do for him. I found a seller in the UK that had Dragon Ball fabric so I bought what I thought was a yard of two different fabrics. Silly me…I forgot that most sellers sell by the half yard…oops.

Anyway, I used the hot dog method of making the pillowcase but had to make the cuff larger because of my error. I think it turned out just fine and bet he won’t notice or care!

Close up of many of the characters. I have no idea who they are, but I bet when I see him next, he will tell me all about them again! :sweat_smile:


That is so sweet of you to think about him too. And I knew he will be jumping for joy over this super cool pillowcase! It turned out great. I love the little stripe detail too.


All he will know is that he has the coolest pillowcase EVER!


His mom will have to battle with him to let her wash it! :smile:

Coolest, Pillowcase. EVER.

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Super Saiyan! He’s going to love it. The stripe detail is fun.

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That’s really sweet of you.

Oh, I do remember that name…and something about Goku? Anyway, I just hope he is still into it, but I told him to give it to someone else if not…is it something kids grow out of or is this something that can go on into adulthood like Harry Potter?

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I think it COULD go on; I saw a young adult wearing a DBZ t-shirt at the grocery store today. But my son outgrew it when he got into Yugioh, I think.

My great nephew is only 11 so he has a few years…phew…

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What a fun pillowcase. That fabric is like an I-spy extravaganza!

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This is super cool! I’m sure he’ll love it!

That is an awesome pillowcase! I’m sure he’ll love it.

Very cool!
I think the larger cuff is actually nice, because of how busy the main fabric is.

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