Sweet Dreams Pillowcases

I embroidered this set for a friend’s birthday. She just moved so I thought it would be pretty and useful. :blush:

The pillowcases had the pattern printed on. I believe it was from Dimensions.


So pretty and such a sweet thing to gift!

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Very pretty and quite peaceful…perfect for a good night’s rest thinking of friends!

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As always, your embroidery skills are amazing! This is a really thoughtful gift, I’m sure it will be well loved!

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That’s so darling!
You’re a very talented embroiderer :grin:

That’s so lovely!

Thanks all!

That’s so pretty - what a sweet gift!

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So pretty! My grandmother used to make that sort of pillowcase embroidery.

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Oh, this is dreamy! The birthday girl will LOVE them!

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Lovely stitching and such a nice gift

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I finally got to put these beautifully stitched pillow cases on my bed this weekend, and I swear I’ve never slept better than the past few nights. I woke up in such a good mood the next morning. @kittykill is magic you guys, MAGIC! I love her. :heartpulse:

Thank you again, Pam, I love these sweet pillow cases so much.


So beautiful :smiley: