Sweet Elf Ornament

In one of the FB groups I belong to, one of our international members posted this adorable little elf. She made them by the basketful and handed them out to her family and friends. She was kind enough to post the very simple an kind of cool pattern…three simple triangles!

People got pretty creative with their fabrics, buttons, beads, etc. I planned on making a ton of them myself, but only ended up making this one in 2020…I plan on making more before I put away my Christmas fabrics…or at least cut them out!

This guy made the uncertain trip to @mel in Canada…only took his time and gave us lots of anxiety! lol Glad he made it in time to be packed away for next year… :roll_eyes:


It’s so cute!!

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oh no. i think he’s going to stay up ALL YEAR LONG!!! he’s so sweet and awesome!!


Aww! Super cute!

I love him!! I’m so glad he finally made his lengthy journey!

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He’s so cute! I love his little face peeking out!

He’s lovely!


He’s adorable!

This little fellow is so sweet looking. I love him and look forward to even more!

He is so adorable! The Christmas ditz fabric is perfect for him.

Oh, it’s so cute! Would you share how it’s made? I have lots of holiday themed fabric scraps from making gift bags. This would be perfect for using them up! Nice gifts for this Dec too :).

I’ll email you the PDF file…it was a freebie that a woman in another group drew up.