Sweet potato recipes?

I just signed up to bring sweet potatoes to Thanksgiving, and I’m looking for an interesting recipe.
Savory, not sweet–no marshmallows, please!

I’m kind of thinking of something with ginger, pecans, maybe rosemary…

Any suggestions?

For a dinner spread, I tend to chop sweet potatoes into chunks & pan fry them (roasting works too) in a little oil with whatever else I happen to have that looks good-- nuts (pine nuts, pecans, slivered almonds), ginger can be nice, a sturdy green added just at the end (spinach, kale, chard…), and then salt & pepper to taste right before serving.

…this is not exactly a recipe, tho, sorry. :laughing:


sounds yummy, and just my kind of recipe.

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I like a root veggie tian for fancy presentation. And deliciousness, of course :kissing_smiling_eyes:. You can season it anyway you like, sweet or savory.
It can be made in a casserole dish for easy reheating in oven, microwave, or transporting hot in a cloth lined basket

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That does look elegant, in a rustic kind of way.

You are so ambitious. I always just slice and roast with olive oil and coarse salt. Everyone loves them and there are never any leftovers. Easy. But all the suggestions sound yummy.

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Huh, I’m just writing this to remember it, but reading what ya’ll were writing here and it got me to thinking.

A pesto like thing, light olive oil, fresh ginger, crushed walnuts, a small bit of lemon juice, and salt (let set for some time to leach the ginger).

Then sprinkle/pour evenly over 1/2 inch to 3/5th’s inch sweet potato slices (they should soak it up pretty good) and maybe colored chard stems (perhaps even top with beets). Let sit over night or a couple hours. Bake…I really want to try this, except without the nuts. Wouldn’t be able to eat those, :slightly_frowning_face: .

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My go to is to buy similar shaped sweet potatoes (so they cook in the same time). Wash as needed, stab with a fork and place on a baking sheet with something to contain any mess.

Bake in 150-200 degrees celsius or something like that. Turn after 30 minutes, bake until squishy.

Peel and mash. I like to season with butter and smoked paprika and then crumble feta cheese over the mash. I don’t need any extra salt other than the salt from the cheese and butter.

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These ideas are great! I think I’ve only made them once for Thanksgiving; I combined them with tart apples. Twenty guests, nobody ate any. This year, I’m going to up my game, and at least take home leftovers I’ll enjoy!

It’s well past the holidays, but this has been my go-to holiday sweet potato recipe for years:

I often roast the potatoes the day before, and do the onions and bacon ahead too if I can, so it’s not too much extra on the big day!

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mmm, looks delicious! maybe next year…

Further to your request for savoury recipes, I use less maple syrup, and often reduce it less than the recipe call for - at least once, I remember using just a couple tablespoons, straight from the bottle, on hot potatoes/onions!

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