Sweet Summer Strawberries Pillowcases

I picked up this strawberry print at a semi-annual fabric sale in January after ogling it every other time I looked at this shop! I bought enough to make pillowcases and today I finally made them!


I used a sweet little floral in 4 of the colors of the strawberry print for the cuff and a green solid from the strawberry print for a decorative band. I know mixing prints on something like this isn’t for everyone, but I love how it turned out!

In “action” on a bed.


I just love using the “burrito” method for attaching the body to the band and cuff and using French seams to assemble the case. In fact, [nerd alert!] these processes are probably the main reason I feel compelled to make pillowcases!


CW: the following sentence contains a mild cuss word.

I didn’t use a damn bit of stash for this project, but I also didn’t accumulate much extra either. Good enough!


Those are summer-licious! If you kept eyeballing the fabric in the store, it was meant to be. :wink:

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Thank you! I agree, that I was meant to buy it and I think I bought all they had left and used most of it today!

I love this method of making pillow cases and your mixing of the fabrics is great!

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Awww, thank you! And that method yields such satisfying results, doesn’t it?

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Your pillowcases are indeed super sweet! Great fabric.

That assembly method makes for such a lovely finished project.

I love that method of making pillowcases…but I call it the hot dog method…the French seams are the best and make for such a neat case. I love the mix of prints, especially with the lovely inset…

Such cheery fabric!

Thanks, friends!

In my head I always say “jelly roll style”! I just love both the hot dog jelly roll burrito and the french seams on these. I think that the jelly roll might actually be less effort than other ways to accomplish this cuff and band. And I think the french seam probably isn’t too much more effort that finishing the seams another, less tidy way.

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I love this fabric! So bright and summery!

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I can see why you had to have that fabric. And now you have me thinking about pillow cases… sigh … so many projects, so little time…


So sweet. Love how happy and cheerful they are.

Thanks, everyone!