Sweetheart of the Rodeo Embroidery

This is my entry for this month’s stitch along. In Oregon there is a famous rodeo, the Pendleton Roundup. I love vintage cowgirls and love that each rodeo has a queen. Here is my sweetheart of the rodeo. She stands about a foot tall. I might color her hair in, I’m not sure.


Adorable. :heart:

She’s so stinking cute!

She’s a peach!

Gorgeous. My beloved grandmother was heavily into rodeo in the 40s and 50s. I have a few of her rodeo dress suits and some work jackets. I wish I could wear them but she was so tiny.

Awww! That is so wonderful. I have such a love for those old timey cowgirls. They were so sweet but still kicked butt.

She sure is a sweetheart! I love how formal her pose is, but how she seems like she’s throwing a little shade with her expression.

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:rainbow: Congratulations! Your great craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects!

Aww! Thanks!

Such wonderful work - I love the way you’ve done the expression on her face!