Tacos Pantry Decal

Super simple Cricut decal I made for our pantry. :laughing:


That’s so perfect; love it.

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That’s the best! :smiley: I love the bible verse style - hilarious and awesome!

Haha, that’s great! And so straight too…

Love it! Tacos forever. :taco: :taco: :taco:

Love it, and super jealous of your pantry!

LOVE! I have had this phrase pinned for some future project and now I’m going to pin this!

I like guacamole! This is fab!

The “Guacamole 24:7” absolutely makes it.

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That was funny, and perfect for the pantry!

Love the decal :taco: and your pantry is seriously the best I’ve ever seen :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

This is hilarious, I love it!

i saw tacos and had to click.
no regrets.

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