Tadpole socks

I made these socks for a friend of mine, and now that she has received them, I can post them and show them off! I used the Tadpoles pattern from Ravelry.com, and just added like, 5 more repeats of the pattern on the leg since she wanted knee-high socks!


I love the gray with the colored accents on the heel, toes, and cuff! Awesome!


Beautiful! I love the pattern and also the contrasting heel. I’m sure your friend will love wearing them.


Those are gorgeous! One of these days I’ll learn how to knit socks. Until then I’m bookmarking all the best patterns. Thanks for sharing this one, it’s just so pretty.


These are stunning! I love the fact that you used a color/variegated for the heel, toe, and cuff instead of the opposite that people generally do. It really makes your gorgeous cables stand out and adds a little whimsy. :slight_smile:


Gorgeous!! The pattern you chose has such inviting textured, and the heathered greys with the pop of color in the heel are wonderful. I’m sure your friend was overjoyed and will get many exciting years of cozy wear from them. :star:


The pop of color is super cool.

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These are so fun!

Wow! Those are gorgeous!

she sent me a picture, and they fit perfectly!!

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Those are amazing! I love the gray and colored combo.

She is the one that chose the colors and requested the colored top, heel, and toe. She has an amazing eye for this kind of stuff!!!

That pattern is wonderful and I love the colored toes and heels. Socks are so much fun!

WOW! These are really pretty and cozy-looking socks!