Take-along Flatware Wrap - F&T 2020 Q1 Contest Entry

I’ve had something like this on my to-make list since last year and the Spring Greening Challenge motivated me to do it.

Not only were all the materials for the wrap from stash, they were all scraps left from former projects! Even the fusible interfacing which I ended up doing a little piecing to get to cover. That feels so good to use!

I’ll keep this in my vehicle for when I grab lunch while I am out on errands “in town” 25 miles from the house. I avoid fast food, but also don’t want to sit down somewhere for “real” food, so often get something from a grocery store deli. Since I don’t want to take yet more plastic flatware home OR toss it which means I end up with something handheld when sometimes I’d much rather have a salad or soup. Now I can!

I have kept paper straws in my glove box for the last few years for when I can’t forgo the straw altogether because of lids/spill-potential. While a biodegradable straw is way better than a plastic one, it’s still not as good as a reusable one. I already had a set of straws (and the brushes to clean them), but had to buy the spoon and fork. I looked for the flattest flatware I could and found it at a thrift store that supports families in need in my county.


Such a simple idea…I also like to go to deli’s or to premade foods sections of our grocery store for a quick meal…the plastic stuff is wasteful and not very sturdy!

If I take a fork or spoon, I tend to forget it in the car and find it weeks (or months) later in the back seat…gross…this would solve all the issues…

Love that you used stash and such a happy fabric…

Nice project!

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This has been on my to do list for ages! Yours is so bright and cheerful!

Awesome project!

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Thanks, friends!

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Ooh, nice. I have one of these that’s store-bought, but it doesn’t close all the way on the sides so I keep meaning to make one that keeps the dust out.

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Awesome! I want to make this, it’s a great idea to have that in the car, purse, all the places!


Such cheerful colours. I made something similar but for crochet hooks.

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Such a happy fabric! Wonderful flatware wrap!

A great idea, and I love the fabric too.

I wonder if something could be incorporated to hold dirty cutlery until you get it home to wash. What would that look like?

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I would use the same case and just wash it when I washed the cutlery…

Today, I saw some inspirational chopsticks in the store and picked them up, I have the same idea, essentially to make a pouch to store the chopsticks so they are portable and reusable. I love your idea!

Thanks everyone!

I spend some time mulling that over and considered using some oilcloth that was in my stash to make the pouch. Each of the ideas I had in mind for the container would have been hard to clean due to small size, so I decided on just fabric. I figure I’ll give it a try to just put the dirties in whatever wrapping the food comes in or into the dirty napkin. I already keep a stash of cloth napkins in my vehicle!

I made a chopstick pouch about 10 years ago for my mom!

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The fabric is so cool and the whole thing is so practical!

Maybe if you put the spoon in the other way, it will nestle more with the fork when you fold the wrap and it will fold up even flatter?

Do you have a picture of that @TheMistressT? I would like to see your’s for inspiration.

What a neat idea. The fabric screams spring.

Thank you, everyone!

@mellybelly81 Oh, that was more a comment on the non-flatness of any extra flatware we have in the house, thus needed to pick some up. All of ours have pretty chunky handles, because I am a weirdo about the comfort and fit of flatware! These are just stamped out of sheet metal. I thought I got a pic of the handles, but instead I got two of them inserted all the way! D’oh!

@LemonHillKnitting Oh, gosh… if I do they are on a tucked away external hard drive somewhere. It’s been so long, I don’t even remember how it fastened.


@TheMistressT I was thinking about using a kam snap on a triangle to close it off. Also thinking about the design. A simple silk printed fabric with a solid silk lining. What do you think? Here are the chopsticks I bought for my project.

Sounds really pretty! The chopsticks are pretty too! I do remember I used a pretty woven silk that had been a sample swatch from a home decor shop that was selling their old samples . It was shades of green with cherry blossoms on branches. I forget how it was lined.

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I love this.

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