Tangled Costume

That time when my daughter INSISTED she didn’t need me to make her a Halloween costume, and then she called me from college on Monday and said, “Actually, can you make me a Tangled costume, but make it SHORT, and can you mail it to me to get here by Friday?”

Considering that I did not have her body in front of me, the fit was pretty good. (Lacing is forgiving, and the skirt has ties that could adjust).


Great work on the fly, mom!

Great work, mom! And great use of the frying pan! Lol!

Looks great, especially on such a short timeline!

Very cool! The things we do for our kids (last minute)!!! The costume turned out great!

@bethntim Yeah, I have no idea where she got the frying pan from. Maybe the thrift shop!

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Mom for the win!