TARDIS, Bigfoot, Totoro, and Landscape Bookmarks

I made these for the latest bookmark swap!

My partners had fun themes, and it was hard to choose what to make!

For the TARDIS bookmark, I combined Doctor Who and hedgehogs, putting a little Doctor hedgehog standing in the TARDIS doorway. I used this illustration as an example of how to draw a cute hedgehog. I think I used marker for the TARDIS and colored pencils for the rest.

The Bigfoot bookmark was based on a quote my partner had pinned, and I used this video tutorial to draw a bigfoot! He’s colored with marker with colored pencil on top.

For the Totoro bookmark, my partner liked Ghibli - I was inspired by this image I found of Totoros stacked on top of each other and used this video tutorial on how to draw Totoro. They’re colored with colored pencils.

The landscape bookmark was inspired by my partner’s trees/mountains/water/sunshine theme and this image I found. I sketched it out in pencil, then traced my sketch and added in details with an artist pen. It’s a bit different from what I’ve drawn before, but it was fun to make!

Before laminating:

(& everything was made from stash! I had laminating sheets leftover from the last bookmark swap :grin:)


I love mine, the landscape. It’s so awesome.


Haha…I bet I know who the hedgehog in the TARDIS was for. (I may or may not be currently crafting for someone with those listed on their Q :wink:)

Love that landscape! Of course it was for @Magpie. :mountain: :heart:


Such cute bookmarks! But of course the hedgie in the Tardis is clearly the absolute best :joy:


These really turned out great! It was great to have you in the swap!

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The landscape is awesome, but that Bigfoot has my heart. Funny saying!