Tardis Hoopla

I made this Doctor Who hoop for a Reddit swap. It’s a 10” hoop, hand died fabric and free form embroidery.


It is so awesome. I love all the swirls.


This is beautiful and you chose the perfect background fabric.

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Really cute!

Very cool! Love the swirls and the twinkles!

Love the fabric…great contrast to your stitching.

The swirls are the best!

I love this so much. And making freeform circles is a lot harder than one imagines.

But that fabric!! So much love.



Love this - that background fabric really adds to the perceived motion in the design!

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I love the dyed background and swirls! And lots of geeky love here as well!!

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Your dying created the perfect background. Very Tardis-ish. Love the whole thing.

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I love it! The fabric is gorgeous too!

Beautiful stitching and love the fabric too!

Everything about this hoopla is amazing. The stitching, the colors, the background. You’re a true hoopla master. :slight_smile:

Swirls are honestly one of my favorite things. Swirls + TARDIS, well, you can’t go wrong.

Great job!