Tarot cards-2020 Q1 art challenge

I made some tarot cards with modge podge and printed images from a site…i dont remember which one. I did make a box for them that was way more craftier than this as i lined it with fabric and faux leather painted it. Ha. But these cards are so cute!!! And teeney!!!

Nevermind my unmanicured crappy hands. Lol.


It’s so pretty @BigMamma83! Even better in person!

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Thanks for entering, those are awesome!

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Tiny tarot! What a good entry!

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@curiousfae did you see these?? Unbelievably small fun!


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Very cool! Everything is better in miniature, am I right?!

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Mino tarot is great…just a little bit of bad news. Lol. Jk.

Such cute cards :smiley: great job on them all