Tassled Tatas vent charm V1

I used shrinky dink paper to make these tassled tatas. I backed it in felt and attached a vent clip. the tassles are made of embroidery floss and a crimp bead, and attached with jump rings . When the heat or air is on the tassles spin.
I will have ro try to get a video when my husband gets back from his work trip. I snuck it in the van as a surprise for him.


Haha…this is hilarious. I bet it’s extra awesome when the heat/air is on! :laughing:

PS - I blurred your pic to be sensitive to our diverse membership. :slight_smile:


I laughed so hard when I saw this! Amazing and hilarious!


Too funny

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So funny!

The thought of them spinning in the breeze cracks me up :rofl:.