Tawashi knot

Holidays will be weird this year. We’re still planning for parts of the family to meet, but that could change quickly. Instead of buying a lot of gifts we’re doing a gift game so I needed something smaller that would work for a wider audience do to speak.

Since most people cook and/or produce dirty dishes I decided on a tawashi - cute dish scrubber. The yarn is an acrylic core with polyester wrapped around it, so it should be nice and scrubby.

I had a long tail left after seaming so I crocheted a loop for it to hang from. The bottle is my favourite kitchen soap/icky smell remover. It will be part of the gift. Now to wrap it so it looks like expensive wine or something like that :laughing:

Here’s the yarn label:

I used two colorways, but since they’re both kind of busy the stripes are not that crisp and clear.

Here’s the pattern I used, it was pretty straight forward to knit, and fairly easy to ”knot” and assemble. There are pictures to guide the folding process.


Good gift idea, and that’s a very cute pattern, too. Whoever gets it, will get some good use out if it, for sure!

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I have yarn just like that but it’s a different brand (now discontinued, I believe). A tawashi scrubby is a great idea for it (I have made a couple of dishcloths using it). I don’t knit very well, but I know I have a crochet version saved somewhere, so I’ll have to dig it out. Thanks for the inspiration!


I’ve never heard of a tawashi knot. It looks really good. I love the colors.

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I definitely think a strip would be so easy to crochet in stripes! I just downloaded the pattern and it is the folding that makes it special…I am definitely going to use up some cotton to make some shower scrubbies!

Thanks, @Annchen, for the pattern link…I love the one you made…the colors are really nice!


If you can knit a little bit this is a good pattern to try. If you can knit and purl this is very doable.

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That’s great!
Somebody gave me a crocheted scrubby last year;I tried it and fell in love! Someone is going to be lucky to get this!

This looks both super cute and very handy. Great giftie!

It might be something to practice on- I’m easily frustrated by knitting-I can crochet so much faster! But, I know it doesn’t require knitting up a large piece, so maybe I’ll give it a shot. It’s not a scarf, which I am less likely to use, so there’s a little more motivation for me! I’ll print out the pattern today, and if I have the proper needles, I can try it out :slight_smile:

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Ugh… I dislike the advice I sometimes see to knit a scarf as a first project. Boring! Takes forever! It can put anyone off knitting for life.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact same needles as long as you’re happy with the fabric you’re getting. I grabbed the first set of needles that were close enough to be honest. I wanted bamboo needles since the yarn I was using behaves slightly better on bamboo.

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I have a question about the pattern, just to make sure that I’m reading it right. It’s a total of 16 rows, correct? And, so if I just use the same yarn throughout, I can just do 8 repeats of row 1 and 2, right?

That’s correct. I liked having the stripes as guides for when I was folding, but you can just stick to one colour. You could actually do the entire thing in knit stitches if you do it without stripes. Might not be as neat where you seam it together but should work decently.

The switching from knit to purl is to keep the ”outside” of the knot neat and looking the same despite the fact that it’s not the same side of the fabric that’s the ”outside” all the time.

Thanks! I could use plain acrylic for the stripes, I guess. It would give me practice with color changes as well as knit and purl.

What a great idea.

I love homemade/handmade dish scrubbies, they are my fave stocking stuffer to give/receive

Congratulations, your Tawashi Knot is a featured project for this week!

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Thanks! :heart_eyes:

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I have never heard of these before but I think it’s super neat! Great finished product!

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I’ve never heard of a tawashi. Sounds like something fun to try. I gave up knitting complicated things because I don’t have the attention span. I might try one of these.

They are so much fun, and there are all kinds of neat designs to try. One of my first tawashi was a fish. I think the pattern was called ”wishy washy fishy tawashi” or something like that.