Tea and Cake Journal (lots of pics)

I have been trying my hand at different paper projects. I made this little journal that has pockets, an envelope and other pages. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. The journal closed

The files

The envelope

The pages


This is absolutely charming! I love the vintage vibe and the colorful pages.

This is very sweet. I sense a theme going on with your last couple of projects. What are you up to, crafty lady? Hmmm…

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This is too pretty!! I love it!

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That is very lovely! Great job!!

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That is GORGEOUS! :heart_eyes:

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SUPER super cute and pretty!! <3

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This is adorable! Also, when I first saw the title, I was halfway wondering if you were going to record all the times you ate tea and cake. :smiley:


You have such a talent, lady!

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Thanks all! I am having a lot of fun playing.

@kaz814-I should totally do that!

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That is so pretty, I love the gentle feel of it, very suited to tea and cake :tea::cake:

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So stinkin’ CUTE! It will look adorable in your tea cupboard!

ACK! So cute and also pretty! Will this make an appearance in your tea cabinet one month?

This is really cute :smiley: I would so use it for favourite recipes and give it as a gift XD

This will be another fab additional to your tea cabinet. It’s so sweet!

Love this! And I agree with kaz! It could be a guest book for when you have people over for tea parties. And collecting tea bag tags that have interesting sayings or art.

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Ooh! Tea parties! With a guestbook! So fancy!

{sighhhh} I just want to curl up with this little journal and pore over it. It’s so lovely.

This is beautiful, love the idea of a guest book for tea parties!

Oh! I love that idea! I also love the idea of keeping fancy tea bag tags. You guys are the best!

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Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful pages. All of the components are just right, and the tabs are a sweet touch. Love it!