Tea cart update

Hubster is always checking craigslist for free stuff, and spotted a lovely antique side table. But that is not what I am going to show you here. It was, sadly, much too nice to do a craft on.
When we went to pick it up, she offered several more items, including this cute little tea trolley. In sad condition.

I took it apart, cleaned, sanded, and painted it our favorite colors.

The top shelf lifts off as a tray.

I got a bit of ombre effect by lightly spraying the dark blue into the center of the middle shelf.

I had originally planned to use it in my studio, but realized it is too big, so I think it will hold plants and supplies in the yard.


WOW! You truly rescued this cute little trolley!

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Nice face lift!

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This looks great! What a difference!

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