Tea Holders for on the go!

Got a small project done today (also some bigger ones but I need someone to hold to get those pictures). I have been wanting to make these tea bag holders for a couple weeks now, but kept having other things to do/work on first. Then yesterday I decided I was going to find my pattern and work on them. I then of course couldn’t find said pattern. But then today I found it and was able to get these made.

The yellow one I plan I giving to a friend. It has a green fabric on the inside. The blue one is mine. I might have to make another one or two for my mom as she also enjoys tea.


The teapot fabric is super cute! What a fun project!


So cute! This is something I’d like to make for myself, too!

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Thank you! It was a nice quick project. And I got to dig through my buttons!


Such cute fabric. I love this idea. It would be a great gift for cowokers.

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I will be working in a school as a reading tutor this school year and I thought it would be a nice gift for the teachers as well!

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What a nice idea! Keeping your tea protected and portable in style!

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