Tea/Pee Teepee

You know what happens when you drink a lot of tea…

I need a few more potted plants to screen the catch basin.

This has been a months-long project, what with collecting the vessels, and finding an old ladder on FB marketplace, and much trial and error to get the water to flow from pot to pot without splashing all over the ground. We still have a bit of overspray, but it’s not egregious.

The pump is solar. The PROBLEM is that we bought a pump that could pump 6 feet up, BUT then the volume of water is too great. I imagine in the vast choice of pumps there is one out there that would be exactly right, but I have no idea how to find it.

The vessels in the tea-pee cycle are an anodized aluminum water pitcher (the kind that came in a set with metal drinking tumblers), then a le creuset enamel kettle, then a ̶t̶e̶a̶ coffee pot (had to cheat here, the teapot could not handle the water volume), then a mug (which catches over spray), and last the chamber pot. The chamber pot has holes drilled in it to allow the water to drain into the catch basin.


Or here:



(When my kid was tiny we did a bit of baby sign language & I would make the joke about when you have to much T (fingersigned letter) you need to use the toilet (for which the sign is shaking the letter from side to side).)


What a fun and fanciful project! Plus an enchanting addition to your garden.


can you put a clamp on the hose to reduce water flow? or put a washer with a small hole somewhere in the system?

I saw an old ladder used as a trellis, that was fun, too.

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It looks so fun! (Can’t seem to access the vid right now but will keep trying.)

Do you just use wire or something to hold the pitchers and pots at the correct angle?

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@endymion Wooden blocks (triangles) glued to the bottoms, wire, and modeling clay jammed in to wobbly spots.

I added it to Youtube, see link in original post.


@steiconi Yeah, I wonder if a couple small holes at the bottom of the hose would reduce the volume, but then would it reach the top of the ladder? This I do not know.

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This is amazing and looks like a LOT of work. It turned out so pretty and super whimsical. Love it!

Thanks for adding the YouTube link; I can see it now. So cool!

I meant inserting a washer somewhere in the line. A small hole in the washer would reduce water flow. I used scrap plastic and a hole punch to make one for my shower.

They also make clamps for fountain hoses, so you can adjust the flow.

An awesome feat of both creativity and engineering!

@steiconi Oh, true. Or stepping down to a smaller hose might work. I wonder if that would burn out the pump. And yes, maybe a hose clamp. I already have one, that clamps the hose to the pump. Maybe a second one above it…

This is really cool! What a wonderful way to decorate!