Teaching how to knit

One of my coworkers asked me to teach her how to knit. I’m super excited, but am curious - should I teach the stitches (knit and purl) first or do casting on first?

Or am I totally off base and need to teach something else first?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!


If she has no knitting experience, I’d start with casting on as it’ll be a good start with holding needles and tension. Then, I’d do the knit stitch, then after she feels she has accomplished something, cast off. Then teach the purl stitch when she is comfortable with the knit stitch.


I totally agree…a garter stitch scarf is a good start…it is fast and produces immediate results…I would do something that has a bit larger needle, like maybe an 8…so many lessons would be learned:

cast on and off
stitching in the correct stitch (I often missed when I was learning!)

I am betting that if she is eager, she will be onto purling quickly.

I would teach continental because it is faster. I learned English knitting and it took me a while before I could undo years of doing English. Start her on the faster method. Plus, I am left handed so that is a whole other thing.


A very dear friend tried to teach me to knit. She handed me some needles with a bunch of loops on them, and proceeded to show me something that involved putting the needle behind the loop. I had no idea how to make those loops on the knitting needle. I realize that everyone is different, but for me, it would have been better to start at the beginning with casting. Thank you to all who share their expertise and joy of creating.


I taught myself with YouTube videos, so I had to learn to cast on first. It worked well for me that way though :slight_smile:


First knitting lesson was today! We casted on, knit, and binded off. I call it a success!


Awesome @kaz814! Was she excited about her project? I like to leave my students with something on the needles so they have something to work on between sessions. This was the time before youtube and videos though! lol!!


Great job on getting a new knitter, drag her into the dark side :shushing_face:

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Yes! She works a few classrooms down from me and she said she’ll be in often to chat and show me progress!

Oh, yes, I plan to. :smiling_imp:


That is so awesome…you have given her a skill and probably a life long love of knitting…and yarn…ha ha…plus the friendship built on something in common…happy for you both!


@kaz814 How is your coworker coming along???

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She made a dishcloth and says she is really enjoying herself. WOOT WOOT.